Marty Friedman

Martin “Marty” Friedman is a rock and heavy metal guitarist who quickly gained popularity playing lead guitarist in Megadeth. He was a member of the band throughout the 1990s until 2000, at which point he left the band after expressing his desire to evolve as a musician and look towards different styles of music.

Since leaving Megadeth he moved to Tokyo, Japan and has become a prominent character in the Japanese hard rock and heavy metal scene. He has appeared on many so-called japanese ‘variety shows’ including Rock Fujiyama and Tamori Club. He has also produced music, created record labels (under Avex japan) and collaborated with many Japanese artists.

During his years in Megadeth, he was an extremely prominent ‘shredder’, especially as Megadeth’s playstyle was generally faster than the immensely popular Metallica, who were¬†part of the ‘Big Four’ of thrash metal. His arpeggio-heavy solos and¬†sweep-picking technique were unique, and he has appeared on many guitarist magazines to teach and share his methods.